Welcome Campaigners Mobilise for Refugees – meeting

Refugees Welcome

At a crowded rally in London Welcome Refugees campaigners called on the Government to allow more into the country.

Stand up to Racism organised the meeting as Europe agreed a deal on taking 120 thousand people over 2 years relocating them in EU countries – UK has opted out.  The deal was done as Europe saw the biggest migration of refugees since 1945.

The first of 20,000 Syrians  have arrived in the UK.  The government is taking the refugees from camps in countries neighbouring Syria, with those being resettled selected by the UN on the basis of need. They have not responded to calls for Britain to take in a larger number of displaced people.

In London, rally speakers included new Labour Party’s shadow Foreign Minister and shadow Employment Minister as well as activists urging for immediate action to help in the plight of the refugees. The movement to welcome more displaced people is growing across the nation.

ynuk.tv was there

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