Beard or Not to Beard😀 – few faces are bare

Beard or Not to Beard a male trend

Beard or Not to Beard

Men with beards are coming under attack from some women who hate them.  But it hasn’t stopped the number of guys wearing a beard in fact more males are following the trend.

There are some women though who say they kind of like a bloke with a beard mainly because they look handsome and even older! But others wish the hipster beard would go away and not come back.

News Bite:

In the Daily Mail, Amanda Platell wrote: “God I hate Beards!” She then got stuck into male stars and personalities saying they: “love those ultra-bushy beards that make them look like the Almighty. Yuk.” came across some men who had beards, watch how they were proud and said, to have them, enhanced their lives.

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