Corbyn Mania Wins Labour Leadership – now want him out!

Corbyn Mania Labour Leadership challenge

Corbyn Mania has taken over the Labour Leadership. Now, in 2016 a second vote overwhelming supported him as leader of the Labour Party. In 2017 there is a threat to his leadership.

Following his win 24 September, 2016, Jeremy Corbyn is urging the party to unite and is ‘planning a lot of changes’.  But there are still some who are not convinced and doubt the future of the Labour Party.

However, first time round, left-winger Jeremy Corbyn had also won by a landslide victory. He  stunned other contestants who were struggling to convince supporters they were the ones best for the job.

Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall and Andy Burnham had prominent labour members supporting them however Jeremy Corbyn soared ahead with full support from many Trades Unions and party members eager to have him lead the Labour Party to the next general election.

The new leader  said he would fight for a “better society” and would fight in areas like Scotland to have Labour back in power there.

Jeremy Corbyn won by receiving 59.5 percent of the vote.  Andy Burnham got 19.0 percent, Yvette Cooper 17.0 percent and Liz Kendall 4.5 percent.

Overall the votes cast totalled 422,664.

Labour Party said they had verified every application and removed the dodgy ones.

There was huge disappointment in some ranks of the Party and some chose to distance themselves from the new leader.  It led to a split. got street reaction to the race – let us know your view in the comment box below


It looks like, in 2017, Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership is under threat because of low ratings in the polls. His biggest backer Len McCluskey has warned Corbyn that he may have to go if support doesn’t improve. He described the latest opinion polls as being ‘awful’.


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