Queer Film Festival London – Aug 21-23

Queer Film Festival London
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Queer Film Festival London 2015 – August 21 – 23.  An exciting selection of viewing for the public

For three days the Queer DIY Film Festival will pack the iconic Cinema Museum in London with movies that tell it as it is.  An amazing place for cinema.

Eighty films are listed to be shown from the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer and Intersexed (LGBTQI+) community.  Among them will be submissions from Latin America and Europe.

The Queer Film Festival is organised by Wotever who promise to have “more world premieres than any hi-falutin’ film festival”.  Wotever DIY Film Fest will also have a special night at the British Film Institute with a variety of movies being shown.  This will happen on August 20.  A lot on offer for the cinema enthusiast. caught up with some of the people behind the festival who talk the content and the making of the great occasion.

Festival dates: 21 – 23 August.





Did you go?  Was it your kind of festival.  Happy with the titles showing.  We understand it went very well.  Full capacity at most cinema showings. If you went please let us know.  Your views would be much appreciated.  We would love to hear from you.  Summer great time to hold cinema festivals.  Mood is good.  Feeling is good.  With the hot sun good to watch out in the open.  But not many cinemas that can do that.  Great if drive-in cinema.  Nice to watch films in the twilight evenings.  Don’t forget love to hear from you.  Drop by the comment box below and leave your views.

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