Preston Library is Back – once blocked by ‘Berlin Wall’

Preston Library is Back

Preston Library has reopened at its old premises more than four years after it was shut-down by Brent Council.

Campaigners have moved in following discussions with the authorities who say its only temporary but will consider long-term deal.

In 2011, the Council shut-down the Library blaming budget cuts for the closure it left the people in the area devastated and for many in a lonely place.  A wall was built  as part of the security installed to block entry.

The ‘Berlin Wall’, as it became known, has gone and the library is now fully equipped with services that can match any other key library functioning in the country.

Campaigners have been fighting for four years to get their library back.  They demonstrated, petitioned, took legal action and protested to have the services returned to the community.  They were rejected but would not give up.

There is still fear it will be taken away from them again but the plan is to offer a service on a regular basis and that the Council will give its support. revisited the premises and found the new look Preston Library buzzing with activity and with a lot of happy community people.


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