Glorious Georges Kensington Palace – theatre

Glorious Georges Kensington Palace
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A senior generation performed the Glorious Georges Kensington Palace

A community drama group based in West London has presented the play to the public at the palace itself. 

The drama class at the New Horizons/Open Age multi Activity Centre for over 50s was invited to stage the show by the Palace, who liked the idea and supported the Centre’s ethos of celebrating age, stage and experience.

Writer/director Carol Allen rose to the challenge of creating a production that would tell the story of Kensington Palace and the Georges who reigned in the 18th century as well as Royalty of the 21st century.

So, as a drama tutor for the senior generation there was no problem in getting a cast together from the members of the class, including the group’s oldest actress, who is 94!  The Glorious Georges Kensington Palace played to a full house in the Mrs Lyons learning room. was invited to the exclusive performance

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