Theatre N16 Moves to South London – pub theatre

Theatre N16 at White Hart Pub

Don’t worry the special theatre deals are now available at the Bedford Arms in Balham.

The team were forced to move from North London because management at White Hart changed hands.

Theatre N16 still offering free space and complete ‘start-up’ packages for new theatre makers this time in the South London Bedford Arms pub .

Founded by Jamie Eastlake and Ella Marchment the idea is to encourage innovators to showcase their work.  They will be offered complete backing, free of charge, that will include access to marketing, and technical and artistic support.

While there won’t be any hire fees to people using the space, Theatre N16 hopes that box office takings will help cover costs. filmed this report back in May when the theatre was preparing to open above the White Hart Pub in Stoke Newington.

Theatre N16 is now doing all this at the Bedford Arms inBalham.  Check it out


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