UK Vote 2015 – general election

Westminster and MPs
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UK Vote 2015 – who will rule the country?

The results of the General Election vote 2015 is forecast to be close – too close to decide an outright winner.

David Cameron insists though, the Conservatives are going to win with enough majority to form its own government.

Ed Miliband leader of the Labour Party believes he will topple the Tories and will be voted in with a margin that will make him Prime Minister for the UK.

But there are other parties dominating the political scene and winning attention in the voting race. UKIP which is headed by Nigel Farage is threatening to win seats in England and the SNP led by Nicola Sturgeon likely to sweep Scotland.

Lets not forget the Lib Dems. They’re in coalition with the Tories – will they do it again?

UK Vote 2015:

But its the public who decides – however came across many who are finding it difficult to choose.

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