Dead Sheep – Kinnock Thatcher Embrace

Dead Sheep Thatcher Kinnock 24 April 2015
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Dead Sheep Thatcher Kinnock 24 April 2015

Dead Sheep Thatcher Kinnock 24 April 2015

Journalist and author Jonathan Maitland wrote a play called Dead Sheep – a comedy drama about the circumstances behind the famous Geoffrey Howe speech which led to the fall of Margaret Thatcher.

Jonathan passed the idea of the play by the former BBC chief political correspondent John Sergeant about a year ago but Sergeant told him gently he would be wasting his time as nobody would be interested.

Well Jonathan went ahead with it and it premiered at North London’s Park Theatre April 2015.

It is a magnificent play – and if you were around in the era of the Margaret Thatcher days – then you will be in your element watching the story unfold.

Dead Sheep has been playing to full houses since its opening and received excellent reviews.

The Observer review said: it is Funny, poignant and insightful

In describing the play the theatre explains: It is set in 1989 and coincides with the 25th anniversary of Howe’s assassination of his leader Margaret Thatcher.  Its themes – loyalty, love, political morality and Britishness- are as relevant today as they were a quarter of a century ago.

This weekend – Friday 24 April – former Labour leader, Neil Kinnock was in the audience  and overwhelmed by the show.  He then met Prime Minister ‘Margaret Thatcher’ played by Steve Nallon

A great night!

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