Richard III Hero or Monster – Leicester Crown

Richard III coffin respected by public

Richard III, 1452 – 1485, re-buried

The queues for the huge crowds snaked the streets around the centre of Leicester ending up at the Cathedral where the coffin was on display.

Thousands waited for hours to get a view of the fallen King who was found in a car park in the City in 2012.

Since the announcement of Richard III’s reburial there’s been angry debate about his status as a royal or whether he should be recognised as a brutal monster who, it is said, killed two of his nephews.

Richard, the last English king to die in battle, was killed at Bosworth Field in 1485, at the end of the Wars of the Roses.

After his death his body was taken to the Greyfriars Church in Leicester and buried in a hastily dug grave.

Despite the controversy there was no hostility from the public who went to see a member of England’s royal family.

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