Super Tots Test Toys – clever child

Super Tots - Matilda aka Electro

Super Tots in UK win roles to test toys!

A Global Toy company has chosen a young toddler from Tonbridge, Kent, to represent the company as one of its five Super Tots.

At the time, one-year-old Matilda Radford was among five, in the winning line-up taken on to carry out the vital role of testing new toys.

Matilda, or better known as, Electro, won her category due to her interest in all things techy as well as finding television remote controls and telephones of great playful interest.  TOMY said they also believed her keen interest in household gadgets won her a place among the five as well as her love for pressing buttons and the family laptop.

Last summer toy experts from TOMY launched their search to find five youngsters with ‘super-human play powers’ to become official toddler representatives for the brand.  They used Facebook for their search and got a response from Matilda’s mother Diane.

So a selection of newly developed toys were sent to Electro at her home where she did a great job of testing their fun ability.

‘Electro’s’ Mum, told YourNewsUktv that the Hi-tech super-powers of her daughter – now 15 months –  began when she was just seven-months old

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