UK Housing Crisis – John McDonnell

John McDonnell Labour MP Hayes & Harlington
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UK Housing Crisis 30 years on – not much changed

Left-winger John McDonnell has been given the job of shadow chancellor by Jeremy Corbyn the new Labour Leader. McDonnell invited film director Ken Loach to talk housing in London at a meeting in his constituency ahead of this year’s general election.

Cathy Come Home director Ken Loach described how the housing crisis in UK not much different to the 60s when he directed the ground-breaking film broadcast by the BBC in 1966.

Loach also believes a ‘cleansing’ of the community in London going on. People moved to other parts of the country.

The Film tells the story of Cathy who loses her home, husband and eventually children because of welfare system.

Shown again to the community in Hayes, Middlesex Friday March 6, where housing is critical. Film director Ken Loach and Hayes & Harlington MP John McDonnell hosted the event.  Many in the audience were without homes and not likely to be put on the housing list because of the shortage in the area.

Housing shortage expected to be major issue with the political parties during the general election campaign in 2015.

Thirty years on the reaction to the UK housing crisis equally traumatic.


Has the situation changed at all?  Is it much the same?  Did you see the film when it broadcast?


2 Responses to “UK Housing Crisis – John McDonnell”

  1. Jeanette Harold March 17, 2015 at 7:50 am #

    Shame on this country where young people cannot get a home, where they live in dreadful conditions/at home with mum and dad/have commutes which add hours onto their working day. The Tories have a house building plan – phew. They are going to let their pals in the big Corporate Building Companies, build on our greenfield sites and I wonder who will own these houses – my money is on rich political party supporting landlords. Also who wants to live in the tiny too close together pods they are building – not me?


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