Michelangelo Bronzes – Exhibit Ends

Michelangelo at the Fitzwilliams Museum

A pair of naked Michelangelo Bronzes on display at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge after being in obscurity for more than a century are moving on for further scientific research.

Thousands have been to see the exhibition that closed August 9.

Some doubt their authenticity but following lengthy X-Ray examination by international experts and a 500-year-old-sketch, a portfolio of evidence has been compiled to back the case that they are Michelangelo statues.

The sculptures are of two virile naked men riding triumphantly on ferocious panthers and said to have been made shortly after Michelangelo completed the marble David

Victoria Avery, keeper of the applied arts department at the Fitzwilliam Museum said they had been attributed to Michelangelo following ‘a Renaissance whodunnit’ investigation.

While research is continuing Victoria Avery is inviting the public to join in and engage in the debate on whether they are the surviving sculptures of the Renaissance master.

She told ynuk.tv about the evidence and how the two statues vary in their structure

The Bronze statues went on public display at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge 3 February.


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