Driverless Cars – UK First Road Trials

Driverless Cars Catapult Pod
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Driverless Cars – UK First Road Trials.  New: The Government has launched a £20m research and development fund dedicated to the state of the art industry.  Officials claim the UK will lead the way in the technology of driverless cars.

They believe the money will make Britain the best place to test the autonomous vehicles, in a market estimated to be worth £900bn by 2025.

Feb 2015: Driverless cars have taken to UK roads for the first time in four of the country’s towns and cities. They were demonstrated in Greenwich, London, Milton Keynes, Bristol and Coventry.
Each location had models developed in the areas by different groups and all driven by remote control.

A government backed project with an investment of £19m.  Ministers were able to monitor the skill of the robot vehicles and were in Greenwich, London, to see Gateway’s self-driving passenger shuttles in action. Officials also saw the autonomous Lutz “pods” that went around public areas in Milton Keynes and Coventry.

But it could be some years before driverless cars are a common feature.  First, the Government will publish a code of practice this spring for those wishing to test driverless vehicles on UK Road.

Is this the way you want to drive on the road?  would you buy one?

video courtesy participating groups

Go driverless watch the robotic Pod.


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