Reclaim the Night Fighting back against sex crime – serious issue

Reclaim the Night - Glasgow 2014
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Reclaim the Night Scotland demonstrated their concern over sex crime in the country

The annual report of Rape Crisis Scotland for 2014 highlights a rise in the past year of the number of criminal offences against women.

In a year, recorded sex crimes in Scotland have risen by 12%.  Dundee has the third highest numbers of rape in Scotland.  The latest figures did not surprise some in the community.

There was a call for action.  Demonstration held to highlight the issue surrounding sexual attacks and violence against women.  Many say, there are times incidents are ignored and the authorities don’t do enough to help.  They also demand to have the right to walk the streets at night without the threat of attacks.

In Glasgow November 27 a large crowd marched in the city to protest and speak out in support of the importance of promoting equality in Scotland for all women.  Also to deliver a message to parliament about  prostitution and potential legislation to support legal change.

In this special report, Peter Smith speaks to campaigners on the Reclaim the Night march that took place in November 2014. It is part of a new STV strand that brings you close to sections of society that are not often featured on television.

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