Economic Crackdown on UK Immigration – restrictions

Immigration numbers
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There’s been mixed reaction to David Cameron’s recent EU immigration speech. Some said  too late others said about time the government got tough.

While Cameron spoke of wanting to introduce restrictions the PM also said his Conservative Party would always welcome newcomers from member countries to the UK.  But time to control numbers as the population levels high and draining the benefit system.

He pointed out that the way to bring down immigration numbers was to remove economic incentives. The Prime Minister’s proposal was to remove all benefits for 4 years after arriving and that EU migrants must have a job offer before entering the country. spoke to members of the public for their views


What do you think of this development in immigration?  A good move?  Is the country overloaded with people?  This good way to control numbers coming in?  Let us know what you think.  Visit our comment box below.  Have times changed when it comes to migration?  Don’t be shy we would love to hear from you. A simple process and your comments welcome.  Connect with us anytime to let us have your opinion



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