UKIP Changing Face of Politics – parliament

MPs in House of Commons
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UKIP has sent shock waves across the nation with its sudden popularity and success at having two MPs now sitting in Parliament.

It was once a party that has been ridiculed and considered to be extreme with its right-wing views on immigration.  But that has all changed.

The public have taken a grip of the current climate surrounding foreigners entering the country and are turning to UKIP who promise they will stop the flow. The main parties have made pledges to reduce the numbers but so far have failed.

So UKIP’s support is changing, and with it the landscape of British politics.  The Party’s leader Nigel Farage, is boasting more politicians will defect and is confident he will have more MPs in parliament very soon.  Mr Farage also claims his party is now taking as many votes from Labour as from the Tories.

His success could influence how the General Election will go in May next year.

In the meantime the main political parties are feeling very bruised. But they say they don’t need to change their immigration policies and are confident that the UKIP current victory will not last.

So what about the public? spoke to some on the street who described the current switch in politics as necessary but also dangerous

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