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All In Good Time interfering family
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All In Good Time is a comedy about a close-knit British Asian family living in Bolton.

A young couple marry but things go wrong and spend their honeymoon with in-laws after holiday flights are cancelled. But prying parents and gossipy neighbours prevent the newly weds from consummating their marriage.

The young couple encounter major difficulties as they seem to bump into members of their family wh0 are eager to make sure everything is okay!

So with meddling parents, nosy neighbours and a community that thrives on gossip, can this marriage last?

The video has the actors and director talking about their experiences making the film when they attended a gala night for the launch of the film.

All in Good Time stars: Amara Karan and Reece Ritchie, directed by Nigel Cole

It was released in the UK 11 May 2012

Tit bits:

The film is based in Bolton, Lancashire, NW England but the cinema scenes are filmed around Barking Road and the market scene in Green Street Market, LONDON E6 as the Boleyn public house is clearly visible in one shot.

People reviews:

All the acting is brilliant but the guy who acts as the boys father was really funny.

This is a film I could definitely watch again and would recommend to others.

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