Ebola – Britain Prepares

Ebola Britain Prepares

The UK is screening people off flights from affected areas at most airports and terminals.  Government says passengers would be asked questions and potentially given a medical assessment.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says it was “now entirely possible that someone with Ebola will come to the UK either by one route or another”.

However the country, he said, is prepared and has specialised units across the country to deal with any emergency.

Chief Medical Officer says the risk to the UK is low, but expects a “handful” of Ebola cases. The public needs to take care.

Public Health England says robust and infectious disease systems are active permanently in the UK and is working with the government to ensure the nation remains alert to and prepared for, the risk of Ebola.

Dr Brian McCloskey, director of global health at Public Health England, said “It is important to remember that for Ebola to be transmitted from one person to another contact with blood or other body fluids are needed. As such, if England was to see a case of Ebola this will not result in an outbreak here.”

About 3,400 people, mainly from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, have died in the current outbreak.

While the risk is low in Britain, ynuk.tv spoke to the public who believe they have not been given enough information about the virus.


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