Bethlehem Oh Little Town – a documentary

Bethlehem Oh Little Town


This is Bethlehem 2004, with the separation barrier just going up, people of the town tell their story – a journalist launching satellite TV for the imprisoned townsfolk, teenagers born in a refugee camp, a professional man Sami who speaks simple truth … media sing a new song following the 2014 Israeli response to Hamas’ rockets but, surely, it’s been clear for decades.

A documentary produced and directed by London filmmaker Chris Haydon


In the current conflict in Gaza hundreds of thousands have been made homeless with more than a thousand people dead including women and children. Israel says its military offensive is in response to rocket fire by the Hamas militant group, which dominates Gaza.

The crisis in Gaza, which began in July, brings back stark memories of a trip made 10 years ago.


Chris made ‘Oh Little Town’ a decade ago when he visited Bethlehem. He believes it is timely, with the media finally and fully awake to what is actually going on in Palestine.
Chris: The storytellers were wonderful people … teenagers born in a refugee camp, a crazy journalist launching a satellite TV station for the town, and a lovely professional man who speaks simple truths. Powerful.

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