Captain and Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier in Rosyth – new aircraft carrier

Captain and Royal Navy

In Rosyth, the Queen named the new Royal Navy Aircraft, HMS Queen Elizabeth by smashing a bottle of whisky on the hull of the vessel.

The Queen described the carrier as a “magnificent achievement”.  Controversy has surrounded the vessel as its budget doubled during the building of the ship.

In her speech, the Queen said the “innovative and first class” warship, the largest ever to be built in the UK, ushered in an “exciting new era”.

There will be two of the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers and they will be the biggest and most powerful surface warships ever constructed for the Royal Navy and will represent a step change in capability, enabling the delivery of increased strategic effect and influence around the world.

Royal Navy Aircraft
The Queen Elizabeth Class will be utilised by all three sectors of the UK Armed Forces and will provide eight acres of sovereign territory which can be deployed around the world. Both ships will be versatile enough to be used for operations ranging from supporting war efforts to providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief

Captain Simon Petitt RN, Senior Naval Officer, HMS Queen Elizabeth takes you inside and tells the story behind the making of the World’s biggest and most powerful carrier


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