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sowing seeds of Culture of Kindess

A Culture of Kindness campaign launched by the Huffington Post targeting television and the Film industries.

Entertainment Editor, Caroline Frost called it ‘Culture of Kindness’ and taken the extraordinary step to publicly expose networks lacking in broadcasting shows on the big and small screens.

Ricky Gervais

Her daily column calls on the networks to think again when they commission programmes and films and to consider showing material that gives a voice to those who are not heard. In her interview with she explains how Ricky Gervais mastered it in his latest show called ‘Derek”

Would you consider joining the campaign by Caroline Frost?  Take a look at what she says then follow her daily column that has regular updates of success or misses. Her culture of kindness campaign is spreading across the UK and the public are quite impressed with the whole idea.

The good thing about the project is that it works!

Do you prefer kinder and generous shows on TV?  Drop us a line in the comment box below

The dictionary’s definition of kindness is an act of generosity or consideration toward someone else.  Caroline Frost argues that not enough of it is being passed on to others who are often ignored and that everyone walks around feeling very sorry for people who we see hurting or very moved by things we see happening in the news but very seldom does that actually translate into an action on our behalf


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