London Loo in World’s Top 10 Toilets – unrecognisable

Public toilets can be winners
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London Loo

Wembley, in North London, is the spot where a public toilet has been named one of the best ten designed in the world.

Top design website, Design Curial, looked at thousands of public lavatories across the globe in their search for top loos. Many were in the category of “disgusting” or totally unpleasant to the nose.

Toilet buildings dreary

But the final list found public toilets that scored highly in the categories of design, innovation and the building’s environment and surroundings.  The aim of the list was to celebrate creativity and design in buildings often perceived as dull and dreary and according to Design Curial the list achieved that aim.


Design Curial said that in their search there were some amazing examples of beautifully and thoughtfully designed public toilets. Some were small architectural marvels whose brilliant designs had inspired respect in those who use them.


In areas of natural beauty such as parks toilets can often be a bit of an unfortunate necessity.  Design solutions varied from making toilets look like quaint cottages to ones  hidden by trees or underground.

Other countries on the list are: Australia, Japan (2), China, New Zealand, Norway, Texas, Switzerland, Poland checked out the UK loo to see why it made the top ten and why it was recognised as a toilet

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