Englands Controversial World Cup Shirts – expensive

The shirt is selling
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The Football Association criticised after the new England replica shirts were put on sale for up to £90.

The FA said it avoids discussions about pricing with kit manufacturers and cannot change the price. The Prime Minister David Cameron entered the controversy by urging the FA to rethink the pricing.  Mr Cameron said he would like to see a drop in the cost and that supporters should not be exploited with such expensive items.

Cooling Technology

Nike say there are alternative “stadium” shirts for £60, while versions for children aged between eight and 15 cost £42. They stress the £90 “match shirts” have enhanced “cooling technology” compared to the £60 shirts.

The U.S. sportswear company says the vast majority of its shirts would be on sale for 60 pounds. It stressed that the top price applied only to a limited edition of the jersey.

World Cup Shirts

Nike’s limited edition England jersey has been branded a rip off by the British media and has prompted a backlash from football fans who say they are often fleeced for loyalty to club and country. spoke to some of them visiting the FA’s headquarters at Wembley Park



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