Bill Clinton returns to Northern Ireland to promote peace

Bill Clinton praise for peace process

Bill Clinton praise for peace process

Former US president Bill Clinton has urged the people of Northern Ireland to finish the job of cementing peace.

The US statesman said great strides had been made in the region in the last two decades but said more work was needed to overcome issues outstanding from the past.

During a speech at the Guildhall Square in Derry, Bill Clinton said countries around the world involved in conflict “looked to Northern Ireland for inspiration”.   Mr Clinton said “this town and John Hume’s insistence on non-violence and the embrace of it ultimately by the other parties, notably Sinn Féin” served as an inspiration.

Earlier, President Clinton met civic leaders in the city.  John Hume, who was one of the driving forces behind the peace process  said he had the “greatest admiration” for the former president.


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