Taranis UKs Top Secret Drone Revealed – nifty

Taranis trial flight
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Britain has joined the air attacks on Islamic State militants in Iraq.  Does this mean the participation could include putting in to action the country’s brand new stealth aircraft the Taranis?

In February 2014 the UK Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems unveiled the drone as the most advanced aircraft ever built by British engineers.

The stealthy unmanned combat vehicle demonstrator (drone) was filmed during its initial trials and surpassed all expectations in its first flight trials 2013.

Taranis, named after the Celtic god of thunder, made its maiden flight at an undisclosed test range on Saturday 10th August 2013, under the command of BAE Systems’ test pilot Bob Fraser.

Drone demonstrator had a perfect take-off, rotation, ‘climb-out’ and landing on its 15 minute first flight.

It cost £185 million and was funded jointly by the UK MOD and UK industry.

Video courtesy UKMOD BAESystems



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