Queen and Pope Get Together for Tea – great visit

The Queen - an informal visit to Vatican
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Queen and Pope Get Together

The Queen has travelled to Rome Thursday April 3 for her meeting with Pope Francis.  It is the first time the Queen and Pope have got together.  She was ushered to the informal surroundings of the Pontiffs study.   She was with her husband the Duke of Edinburgh.

Earlier the Queen and Duke had lunch with the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and his wife Clio at the Quirinal Palace.  The one-day trip was originally planned for last year was postponed when the Queen fell ill.

It is the Queen’s first foreign trip since a visit to Australia in 2011.

Queen and Pope at Private Residence

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pope Francis, the first Latin American Pope, wanted the occasion to be informal and welcomed the Queen and her husband to his private residence in the Vatican.

It is thought that during the informal encounter the Queen and Pope will chat, probably in English with the Pontiff offering tea to his royal guests.

Likely a historic meeting.  Italians pleased the visit is happening

The video gives you an idea of what the two will do together

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