Britain Heads Off EU Migration – new levels

Britain heads off EU Migration
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The Prime Minister believes the EU Migration numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians arriving in the UK  are at a “reasonable level”.

David Cameron made the comment as he urged Tory MPs not to endanger his plans to restrict immigration.

The prime minister said the Immigration Bill contained “sensible” measures aimed at lowering annual net migration. Rebels want the bill to impose controls on Bulgarians and Romanians until 2018.

The Government aims to restrict EU migration by warning potential job seekers that benefits will not be available until after 3 months in the country.  This they believe will help control the numbers who want to work and live in Britain


From January 1st, Romanians and Bulgarians were able to enter the UK under the free movement agreement between EU countries.  They will be in addition to others planning to come to Britain from an EU state.  But the flood of numbers they were expecting has not happened. The government was concerned an influx of immigrants would put a strain on the Social Security system.

EU Migration found while many favoured a mixed society others believed those entering the UK should have financial support of their own.

What are your thoughts on this?  Is Migration too much for the country?  Should changes to system happen?  Let us know.  Leave your thoughts in our comment box below.  We would love to hear from you

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