Scotland Landmark The Kelpies Completed

100ft high Kelpies

100ft high Kelpies

The Kelpies make an amazing structure.

The Kelpies look fantastic from a distance and even more spectacular close-up.  Construction work on the world’s largest pair of equine sculptures has been completed.  It took just 90 days to get them completed and in fine art form.

Construction of the horses began on 17th  June 2013. The two enormous structures were manufactured and installed by SH Structures Limited.  In a remarkable feat of engineering, the sculptures rose out of the ground in a stunning construction process.

They look magnificent and make a stunning outline against the sky


The huge horse heads, known as The Kelpies, are 30m (100ft) high and can be seen for miles around.  They are made of 600 tonnes of steel and part of a £43m redevelopment of about 350 hectares of land between Falkirk and Grangemouth, known as the Helix Project.


Glasgow artist Andy Scott designed the structures of The Kelpies.