Hull City of Culture 2017 – the year has ended – well done Hull👏🎉

Hull City of Culture

Hull City of Culture 2017 –  The Year has ended.  These were the plans for Hull during the year. There was a musical ‘Humber Bridge’, a 14th-century masterpiece, outrageous art from the 1960s and the Spider from Mars. It cost an estimated £32m.

This is their story

The City was once voted the ‘crappiest town’ in Britain.  Now Hull has won the award, beating Dundee and Swansea Bay.  A great achievement a great win and a huge step toward raising its profile!

New title: it got top city to visit in 2016!  It is rated number 8 out of 10 in a list compiled by travel company Rough Guides. No 1 is Reykjavik, Iceland, Mexico City 3rd.

Shouts of joy

Culture Secretary Maria Miller declared the city a winner. The news flashed across TV screens in the town where people shouted with joy and celebrated for the rest of the day.

Proud has caught up with some in Hull to get some of their euphoria and found it had quietened down.  But that didn’t stop them saying how proud they were to be a part of the winning city home to about 260,000 people


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    […] Hull is the current holder of the title.  It started off low-key.  Public were supporting it.  But some were not hopeful it would succeed.  But it did.  Now it is among the most visited city in England. It is a proud city. […]

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