Halloween Corpse Too Scary For Children – police called

Halloween corpse
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Halloween Corpse

This time a few years ago, Police were called to a house in Stevenage Hertfordshire, after neighbours complained that a Halloween corpse on display was scaring children.

Police warned a fundraiser that the gruesome costumes outside his house were making children cry and needed to be toned down.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

They had received a complaint that James Creighton’s chainsaw ‘corpse’ in his front garden was too frightening for children. He had decorated the outside with Halloween skeletons, bloodied corpses and cobwebs in a display dubbed Chainsaw Massacre on Grove Road.


Since the visit from the Officers, James said he has had more donations for Cancer Research UK.  And, he has shown fake corpses and skeletons in his front garden every year to raise money in memory of his grandmother who died from the disease in 2009.

Warning take care you may find some of these images ‘scary’

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