Roma Day of Action in London’s Marble Arch – discrimination

Roma Day - protest against discrimination

A Roma Day of action by a crowd of supporters was held on Friday Augut 2.

They demonstrated in London’s elite Knightsbridge and Marble Arch to protest against a Bill that promises extra powers to police to ‘clear’ areas they say will wipe out the right to peaceful assembly.

Crowd was angry over the way they have been treated by the authorities. They are moved as soon as they find what they believe to be a location for them to settle.


The Roma Day of Action follows evacuation of Romanians who had camped out at Marble Arch with nowhere else to go.  They were forceably removed which led to a number of arrests and some sent back to Bucharest.   Westminster Council authorized their removal and forced many of them to return to Bucharest.


The Roma movement is planning legal action and is urging the authorities to hold talks over the issue. joined them on the march


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