Dalston House Made For Climbing – public loved it!

Dalston House made for climbing
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Dalston House drew a huge crowd as they queued up to climb the walls so that they could defy gravity and be like Spider Man.

Barbican commission

They were able to run or walk up and swing from ledges without falling on their feet or feet touching the ground.  The Barbican commissioned Argentine artist Leandro Erlich to create an illusory installation for East London.

Mirrors do the trick

A Victorian terraced house, was designed, it lay horizontally on the ground with mirrors position overhead.  The reflections gave the impression of standing on, suspended from, or scaling the building vertically.  This house is now closed, but take a look at how visitors reacted to the ‘climbing house’.

It may have fooled a lot of people but they didn’t mind because the idea was so enjoyable!

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