Car Goes For Spin On eBay – bids made across globe

car goes for spin on ebay

It caused a sensation.  People everywhere were talking about this crazy car its outrageous description and performance. Bidding has closed on eBay for a second-hand car that captured the imagination of buyers across the globe.

The page where the car was posted on the web site was inundated with bids. People wanted to get their hands on such an amazing vehicle.  They were also keen to get to know the owners of the car because of the humour they used to sell their car.

Frenzy of bids

It was a couple from East Grinstead, West Sussex, who posted the witty but honest advert on eBay for their run-down rusting Mercedes e320 DCI.  They decided to plunge into the world of honesty and warned that if buyers wanted immaculate they were in the wrong place.  Well as yu can imagine this did the trick and led to a frenzy of bids with offers rocketing up to £160.000.  But it had to come to an end and after a time bidding slowed down.

The couple received the final bid which was £1,550.00. caught up with the couple who couldn’t wait to get rid of the vintage mercedes.

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