UK Solidarity for Turkey Protesters – thousands marched

Turkey protesters message from London

UK solidarity for Turkey Protesters – massive crowd gathered in Whitehall to protest at the way their colleagues were being treated back in their home nation.

Protesters in Turkey were given a boost today when more than a thousand people in the UK with roots in Turkey marched on the streets of London in solidarity with colleagues. Their support was hailed as giving strength to those back home who were coming under attack for their protests in the country.

President Erdogan supported the security forces who used brutality against demonstrators who opposed redevelopment plans in Taksim and Gezi Park.

Turkish government wants to build a new shopping centre that would destroy trees and green land in the city centre Water cannons and police brutality were used to disperse the crowd.

Turkish protesters in London marched from the Turkish Embassy in Belgrave Square to Downing Street to draw attention to the atrocities of security forces against Gezi Park protestors.

Speakers from the rally called on Erdogan to stop the brutality and to prevent the destruction of the green land in the heart of the city. was there and got reaction from demonstrators

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