UAF EDL Head to Head Downing Street – angry clashes

UAF EDL Head to Head a message

UAF EDL come head to head in Downing Street

Several hundred Unite Against Fascism activists were outside Downing Street ready to hand in a letter to the Prime Minister David Cameron.  It condemned the English Defence League and its campaign against Muslim communities, after the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby.  But before they could do it more than a thousand EDL supporters marched down Whitehall to confront the anti-fascist group the Unit Against Facism.


Police were on hand to keep the two sides apart.  There was anger and verbal abuse throw at each other and on many occasions it looked like it could turn into a massive physical clash.

They were kept apart by a heavy police presence preventing a head-on clash.  Both sides hurled loud verbal abuse at each other both claiming the right to defend the streets of the UK.  Up to 13 people were arrested as the demonstrations broke up. was there

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