Break Up Banks Protest Canary Wharf – make banks smaller

Banks - Peter Tatchell

Break Up Banks

A small crowd from Occupy Economics demonstrated in the heart of the financial district of Canary Wharf, to protest against mega-banks.

They called on the government to make them smaller. And to prevent taxpayers from having to bail out any more big failures. The argument is not a new one.  Ever since the economic downfall the banking industry, who were mainly to blame, have had to close.  Or, adjust their banking practices.  Groups regularly form to hold protest meetings in the locality of  money men.


Recently, new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, also urged for a review on the banking system.  Human rights activist Peter Tatchell joined the protesters in their campaign to raise public awareness to the benefits of having smaller banks.  While it was a small turnout the message was loud and clear.  They called on the government to take more action against the bigger conglomerates forcing them to reduce in size and offer a better financial deal for the public and customers.

Canary Wharf is now recognised as one of the key areas for the financial industry making it a good location for a demonstration or protest.  The crowd was eventually dispersed after security services for Canary Wharf were called in was there and talked to some of the demonstrators

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