Olympic Park Transforms – echos of great athletes

London Olympic Park -Legacy in progress
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The London Olympic Park, now known as Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, is being transformed by the Olympic legacy team into a huge family friendly location for everyone to enjoy.

London 2012

The Park re-opens in phases as works reach completion, starting with the official opening of North Park in July 2013.  There’ll be culture, live music, food, sport and residential areas for the community.  On the anniversary of the London Olympic Games 2012, it will kick off with a weekend of world-class athletics at the stadium. That will help relive memories of the amazing action of London 2012.

Visitors are welcome and can take coach tours to catch up with the developments of the Park.  It is understood the transformation is slow.  But as each section completes there is praise for what has been done.  The best views are of the Stadium from the ArcelorMital.  This is a feature of the Games and a popular experience among the crowds.

London Olympic Park

YNUKtv wanted to see how things were doing so went to see how progress is going with a special ‘backstage’ experience from the top of the Orbit, ArcelorMital. It was a great sight so take a look at the video and learn more about what we discovered when we visited the Park

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