Latin American Pope Celebrated in London – Latinos filled church

Latin American Pope - celebrating mass in Spanish
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In his first Easter Sunday message Pope Francis called for peace in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and across the globe.

He is the first Latin American Pope for hundreds of years and since his election.  Latin American Catholics from across the globe have been joyous.

Roman Catholics

Many filled a South East London Church where they were proud to celebrate Cardinal Bergoglio from Argentina as the new new leader of Roman Catholics.   He has chosen to be known as Pope Francis the 1st.


Pope Francis has a reputation for being extremely modest and humble and has indicated he wants to establish a “poor church for the poor”.  As Latinos poured out of the day’s Spanish speaking mass many expressed their pride in the new Latin American Pope.

They told it was a great time for Catholics as a whole and across Latin America

Is it good for the Vatican to have a Latino as a Pope?  Good reaction to his arrival all round.  His personality won hearts everywhere.  Latinos especially love him.  Hope he makes it to the UK soon.

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