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Power of Local - Sarah Hall

A shift from national to local is fast becoming the landscape for news media, advertising and the business market in the UK.

In Newcastle, a gathering to brainstorm hyperlocal and its affects on the area, agreed, it was the way forward for the community.  There was a lot to listen to and a lot to watch as well as a lot to learn.

But overall it was greed that the power of neighbourhoods was a key part of the future success of communities aiming to make money within the area they live.  The people attending were locals but there were also some from surrounding areas eager to learn what could be gained from the meeting.

They also heard how technology was going to play an even bigger part in business for those who take the initiative and introduce new hi-tech facilities in the workplace.  It was the way forward and an essential method of becoming successful.

The introduction of Local TV, Made In Tyne&Wear, later this year will help boost revenue.  A networked future is forecasting big business which should result in communities becoming more active financially.

And the introduction of Local TV later this year will help boost revenue.  #1000Flowers helped co-ordinate the event.

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