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original Banksy

The street artist, Banksy, is back in the news again.  A piece of artwork was found by a phone booth in Cheltenham not far from the British security centre GCHQ, and a new mural on a wall in Bristol was removed from its site.

A struggling Bristol youth club had taken it but they have handed it to the city council and it will go on public display.

Mobile Lovers, which shows two people embracing while checking their smartphones, was attached to a plank screwed on a wall understood to be owned by Bristol council.  It was removed hours after it was discovered by workers at the nearby Broad Plain & Riverside Youth Project.  The owner of a youth club admitted removing it to help raise funds for his youth club.

But the Banksy piece that disappeared in North London captured the most attention when it ended up in an auction room in Miami.  It shocked the people of Wood Green.

Miami auction

The mural was stolen from the wall of a Poundland store and was sold for more than £750,00 at a private auction in London 2 June. It was called ‘Slave Labour’ and withdrawn from a controversial Miami auction after its disappearance.

Banksy’s Rat

The stolen painting caused an uproar among the locals in Wood Green who demanded its return.  In the meantime all that is left on the wall is Banksy’s Rat that asks why?  YNUKtv caught up with the locals soon after the disappearance earlier this year.


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