Good Dancing Shows Off Male Strength to Women

While dancing on the dance floor, heterosexual men will eye up other men’s physical qualities and techniques from their dance moves – just as women do.  That’s according to researchers at Northumbria University.

Simple drumbeat

The study led by Dr Nick Neave and researcher Kristofor McCarty, used 3D technology to capture the dance moves of 30 men aged between 19 and 37.  They were asked to dance to a simple drumbeat to establish their ohysical abilities.

Attract women

The findings, published in the American Journal of Human Biology, suggest that male observers pick up on the strength of their potential rivals for female mates. The physical aspect of dancing for men is important in the aim to seek the attention of the opposite sex.  This is a follow-on to earlier research when a study found men were dancing to attract women. Music added to video


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