Emperors for Tea Mix Culture and Contemporary – great performance

Emperors for Tea - finale

A large group of Emperors who made up the audience have been to the Savoy hotel to attend a spectacular unique fusion of Culture and Contemporary performances created by award winning designer Clare Newton.

They were going to be in for a surprise.


It was on Sunday January 27 -the audience was entertained with the Emperors mix which was made-up of imagination, surrounded by sumptuous sounds and sculpted dance and accompanied by traditional afternoon tea. They were stunned by the performance of dancers and musicians who took the audience to another ‘world’.

For a few hours those attending tea at the Savoy was captured by the enthralling performance of the Emperors!  It was considered a huge success and welcomed by those who caught the show.

The mix is what made the show.

One-day vision

Clare was assisted by her dream team of International composers, poets, musicians and dancer.

YNUKtv caught up with her before the one-day vision.  Profits to TwinCities Charitable project.

For more on Clare contact:  heritage@equinoxpartners.co.uk


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