Wine On A Diet – Can It Be Done?

Wine on a Diet - Rebecca Donphy

A diet and wine can go together and here’s Rebecca Dunphy to tell you how it is done without breaking your plan to loose weight.

The calories in alcohol comes from sugar and alcohol, so she recommends you go for wines with lower sugar and lower alcohol. This can be a difficult choice.  Her guidance can offer some interesting suggestions.  Rebecca’s ideas will also help with how to avoid the high sugar content.

The simplest thing is to look out for is the alcohol level and avoid those sunny wines with heady alcohol levels of 14 or 15%.  Instead, head for cooler climates like England, Germany, or Northern France and Italy, with alcohol levels of 12% and under. Their wines will be lighter, fresher and more fragrant.

In this video, Rebecca takes you through the wines that can help you cut calories while keeping the taste of a good white or red.

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