Gambling Machines like Crack Cocaine – gaming fever – bets to drop to £2

Gambling - high stakes machines in poor areas

Crack Cocaine of Gambling : Ministers are to tackle the gaming fever with new limits on fixed-odds betting terminals. 17 May 2018: news rules to cut high stakes betting to £2.

The Government is to begin parliamentary process to crackdown on high-speed, high-stakes machines to officially cut maximum bets. There has been a drop but not enough say critics of gambling.

Such is the rising concern over the spread of fixed-odds betting terminals that the prime minister at the time personally intervened to ensure that stakes and prizes would be considered as part of a policy review into the machines.

Campaigners have been urging the government to crackdown on high-stakes machines on the High Street for some time.  Especially in run-down areas and where many in the community are poor or low-earners.  East London is one of the worst affected areas.  The machines can accept stakes of up to £100 and offer prizes of £500.

Up until now the Government has been reluctant to impose new laws to restrict the machines or where a betting shop is located despite Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins calling them the “crack cocaine” of gambling.

The Campaign for Fairer Gambling has warned that the machines are too addictive and should be banned from betting shops on the High Street. spoke with the Labour MP who is also a campaigner to have fairer betting.  Also visited high streets where the machines are located. An awful lot were open and taking bets.


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  1. THAURONT May 20, 2013 at 9:50 am #

    Refering to high stakes machines should be banned I strongly think so since 2005 people running thoses places have rip me off of £50000 and ruin my life I am severely disabled which makes it worse and I had to be hosdpitalized for depression caused because of those crooks


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