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Local TV London James Conway, Made In London
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Local TV London a highly sought after channel

The TV licence for Local TV London awarded to London Live, the Evening Standard consortium led by Russian owner Evgeny Lebedev.  Five bidders competed for the lucrative licence.  Local TV for communities in various parts of the UK put on the agenda by the coalition government headed by the former culture secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Welcomed by many broadcasters especially those who wanted to take part and invest.


The Department of Culture has said by having these additional Community Channels it will help local businesses and create jobs. It  is expected that the winning bid for Local TV London will be broadcasting to the capital by early 2014.

Local TV services will be broadcast on Channel 8 on Freeview and 117 on Sky. Television for the locals. Is it a good idea?  Should there be TV that concentrates on what’s happening locally?  Expected to be available in regions around the UK.  Switch on to local TV.  Catch up with what’s been happening

More will get a licence. met three of the applicants – all of them confident of a win



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