British Cool 2012 – great year

British Cool 2012 Olympic Park
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In 2012 the British heralded a number of outstanding, extravagant and unique events that hit the streets across the country.

The nation celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  Parties, in particular street parties, were held nationwide.  Thousands in jubilant mood during the Queen’s ceremonial events.  The most amazing event the party on the River Thames. Her Majesty thrilled with the response she got from the people during her Jubilee celebrations.

Then there was the Olympic Games.  People excited and looked forward to the thrill of sport on an international level. The stadium packed every day and spectators who couldn’t get inside were able to enjoy the atmosphere in the Park. There was fun and entertainment everywhere and within range of any Olympic performance. It was free.

This was the year that Britain was introduced to the infamous Occupy LSX.  It was a serious issue concerning the economic downfall and demonstrations were held in the capital. The activists blamed the bankers and argued they were the cause of the austerity.  But there were also some light hearted moments.

2012 was a great year.  A lot going on in Britain.

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