A Wine With Christmas Pud? – wouldn’t say no

Wine with Christmas pud

Why not consider drinking a bottle of wine chosen to go especially with your Christmas Pud.

You can choose one that will give sparkle to your Christmas pudding and recommended by  Rebecca Dunphy.  She has chosen an Australian bottle – Wyndham Estate Sparkling Shiraz, from Morrissons.

Cheers to Sparkling Shiraz and Christmas pud.  And for more: Great wine for Christmas pud

There are just so many wines to choose from and in reality you will probably go for the one you normally drink.

But take a look and listen to what Rebecca is suggesting – she has such good knowledge on vino that will make you die of thirst and anxious to have a taste. Also, it is possible you will change your mind and try something different this year

Rebecca also has views on the kind you might like to drink with Christmas Turkey – take a look at the video to check it out!

Also get to know Rebecca a little better, she talked to ynuk.tv about her background and how she got involved with the grape drink, the taste and how to enjoy the drink that will go with almost any dish



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