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Champagne - choice of 4

If you love the Champagne lifestyle and want great fizz for under a tenner, Rebecca Dunphy can help you with both.

In this video she has some fantastic tasting sparkling wines — all for around £10 and perfect for the festive season or for any other time of year for that matter.

Rebecca highly recommends Bouvet’s Sparkling Saumur from Majestic. You’ll impress the wine snobs as Bouvet is one of the Loire’s top producers, but more importantly it tastes fantastic — like fresh apples drizzled with honey. I won’t blame you if you have to open a second bottle of this!

Then there’s this great wine to surprise your guests with. It is a sparkling red made from the cute and quirky Raboso grape. It’s beautifully packaged and made organically by Giol in Northern Italy — all for under a tenner. Available from organic specialists Vintage Roots.

It’s lively, carefree and bursting with personality. Truly unique with its raspberry and cherry fruit. Perfect for a pizza party.

So don’t miss out on some champagne bubbly because you think you can’t afford it.  Go on, spoil yourself for around a tenner.

Please note prices may have changed since the recording of this video.

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