Talisker Whisky and Cheese A New Mix – great taste

Whisky and cheese

Talisker Whisky and Cheese a New Mix

Try this radical idea of a drink mix.  It has come from wine presenter Rebecca Dunphy who came up with the brain wave.  She closely examined the ingredients and after taking a taste or two had no hesitation in recommending the two flavours as a drink to remember.   She is aware though, that some people won’t be easily persuaded to change from the traditional cheese and wine.

But Rebecca has other ideas and believes some rules are made to be broken – so go for it and try the Talisker whisky and cheese mix.  It is perfect for that special dinner party or just having the ‘last’ drink at  night.  Whatever which way you look at it whisky and cheese has got to go down well at any time!  Take a look at how the two got together. Rebecca has an extensive background in the wine industry and studied the best it can offer in Australia, New Zealand, Italy and UK.  There’s more at: http://www.sniffandspit.com


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